Graphic Tutorial: Tileset Graphic Editing

If for some reason you are unable to view the video, you can watch it on Youtube.

In this turorial I'm covering how to change a tileset graphic in FF6 with YY-CHR, more precisely one instance of the treasure chest. I'm also showing how to locate and change the chest palette using SNESpal with the help of FF6LE Rogue & Gimp. This tutorial is aimed at beginners. It also change only one of the three instances of the chest so if you want to have a chest change through the whole game you'll have to edit other graphics and palettes.

*Incoming mumbling when editing the chest!*

Chest offset: E0/FEE0 (headered ROM)
Palette offset: ED/DC20 (headered ROM)

One thing that was misleading in the video is palette position in FF6LE Rogue. The correct statement is that palettes are ordered from bottom to top, hence the 6th palette from top is 10th of the set (0A). You can calculate the palette offset with the following formula:

base_offset + (palette_set * 256 + palette_index * 16)
In this example: ED/C680 + (15 * 100 + 0A * 10) = ED/DC20

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