FF3us Patches


[IPS] tag means the archive contains IPS patches for headered and headerless ROM.
[ASM] tag means the archive contains relocalable often tweakable ASM file(s) to apply to the ROM with xkas 0.06
[SNG] tag means the archive contains FF6 song data, instruments used and a SPC file of the song

[IPS] Banon can die more than once

This patch allows Banon to die without an automatic game over.

[IPS] Chrono Trigger Menu

Changes the default menu with Chrono Trigger blue menu.

[ASM] Cursed Tweak

Allows more cursed items, i.e. more items that will be upgraded after X battles.

[ASM] Equipment Check Event Command

Replace the previously unused event command $66 with an event command that can check equipment pieces on characters, party leader or all party.

[IPS] FF5 Shield

Replace the shield graphic (block) with its FF5 counterpart.

[ASM] Random Offering

Makes the Offering hit between 1 and 4 times. Odds can be modified.

[ASM] Random Battle and Boss Songs

Allow random battle song and random default boss song.