FF6 Hacking Forum

A forum dedicated to FF6 hacking /modding. You can find me there as I visit almost on a daily basis.
Check out also the Youtube page , Twitter account , and Hacking Wiki.


A website dedicated to the ambitious FF6 hack Return of the Dark Sorcerer produced by Gi Nattak with the help of many. Make sure also to visit the ID sub-forum.

Other Links

James White is a talented spriter who has worked on my hack, the ff6hacking forum graphics and on RotDS, among other things. You can view some of his art on DeviantArt and his music on Soundcloud.

Poco Loco is another good spriter. Check out some of his work here.

Lockirby is crazy in a way, he has done two blindfolded LPs. One that is a FF6 LLG and one Brave New World LP.