FF6: Enhanced

04/28/2016: The project is currently on hold for an undeterminated period of time. I have too much to do and I want to focus on my FF6AE and FF6EME editors for now.

This FF3us hack aims to be, as the title states, an enhanced version of the original game. The hack is currently on its second rewrite, this time with a better organization and documentation. The following features will be implemented:

  • Characters with more depth (new events)
  • Modified dialogues, with pieces of the following: GBA Script, Kwhazit's and Lina Darkstar's translations
  • New monsters and modified AI scripts
  • New & modified weapons, armors, relics, items
  • New Key items (that are actually useful)
  • Font selection
  • Other surprises that I will detail as I complete them...


Here are some screenshots of the first demo, things are subject to change. I will post more as my hack progresses.

  • scr1
  • scr2
  • scr3
  • scr4
  • scr5
  • scr5


Here's some original remixes and songs that will be in my hack.