More patches and tutorials!

I updated the patches section with new ASM tweaks as well as a few other things. From now on I'll also host here my video tutorials. The first four are already uploaded. I should be doing an xkas 101 tutorial soon. I also updated the links section with a few links of my buddies achievements ;)

I should get back on FF6EME / FF6AE / FF6ExpED development fairly soon, after finishing the YT channel welcoming trailer for

First Update !

It was about time. I've neglected my personal site long enough I think. I added my ending name document in the proper section although all the findings were done in 2012. I decided I was putting on hold my personal hack. Instead I'll be continuing my GBA editor FFAE. I'm switching to WPF and the code will be hosted on github.

I should have the European FF6 ROM map uploaded soon and hopefully continue coding the editor in a week or two. I shall updates the link section as well. Stay tuned!

Welcome !

This humble site contains my hacking related work. You'll find here my Final Fantasy VI Advance editor FF6AE as well as progress updates on my upcoming FF3us hack named "FF6: Enhanced". Also, I will host some other stuff such as modified monster sprites, patches and documents.